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Vehicle Weigh in Motion Systems : Keeping trucks compliant and roadways safe

Several types of Weigh in Motion Systems are available for use in the enforcement, monitoring and analysis of vehicles on the road. They offer a cost-effective solution to help contain infrastructure expenses by monitoring the weight of commercial vehicles as they travel over the highway. WIM technology can measure the per-axle weight and gross weight of vehicles while they are travelling at highway speed. It detects axle-spacing so that vehicles can be identified by class, and also records the vehicle’s speed.

WIM scales can make weigh station operation more efficient by sorting out potential violators for static weighing and inspection, while permitting vehicles of legal weight to continue without interruption. Virtual WIM installations on routes that bypass weigh stations can help to ensure that vehicle load regulations are enforced, while traffic planning systems use WIM technology to monitor traffic.

What is a Weigh-in-Motion Scale?

The WIM scale can consist either of METTLER TOLEDO load cell platforms or quartz piezo sensors. Both solutions provide a highly accurate method of weighing vehicles at highway speeds. Inductive loops installed in the roadway sense vehicles as they pass the WIM scales and enter the Weigh Station, allowing enforcement officers to track the trucks as they pass through the facility.

How Does a WIM Scale Work?

At the heart of the WIM electronics is the IND9W lane controller. The IND9W performs all command and communication functions to acquire and communicate data from the roadway weight and vehicle position sensors. Its high-speed A/D converter ensures that important information is captured quickly and accurately, while a Power Management Module continuously monitors the connected IND9W and can shut down and re-start the IND9W automatically.

Download the WIM Brochure:

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