Anciients - Heart of Oak " Full Album " Extreme Progressive Metal

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Another great album , Check it too :

1. Raise the Sun 00:00
2. Overthrone 06:32
3. Falling in Line 13:10
4. The Longest River 21:31
5. One Foot in the Light 30:47
6. Giants 31:54
7. Faith and Oath 39:26
8. Flood and Fire 45:34
9. For Lisa 52:50

► Band : Anciients
► Genre : Extreme Progressive Metal
► Album : Heart Of Oak
► Release date: April 12th, 2013
► Label : Season of Mist
► Get it at :
► Video created by Joe Qasso
Contact :

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► review
I can’t even comprehend the thoughts in my head when realizing that this, this glorious combination of mind and music, is a debut album. Someone call a lexicographer because Heart of Oak should replace dictionary definition of perfection. It is absolute beauty in every aspect, loaded with mesmerizing and hypnotic melodies, laden with haunting and limit defying screams, with crisp and beautiful lyrics to add to the overwhelming greatness. At first glance they sound like a hybrid of Opeth (progressive metal, but still Heritage-esque) and Enslaved’s more recent works, but while drawing inspirational samples from these bands it is soon realized that Anciients is its own machine, a machine capable of the incapable.

The instrumental value on Heart of Oak is so far beyond incredible, a near uncanny resemblance to the works of Opeth; yet unique in every sense of it. Ever-flowing melodies and jaw-dropping jams that you could headbang along to for the rest of your life are what define the guitars. The clean vocals sound a lot like Mikael’s (Opeth), just a little more echo and distant sounding, almost a mix of that and Mikkel Sandager’s clean vocal style (ex-Mercenary). Anciients also use Darkthrone style evil punk vocals that sound impeccable, usually throwing them over top of the aforementioned style of riffs as well. The harsh vocals are also brilliant, incredibly raw and guttural that leaves you with the sole wish that you could do the same. There is just so much to look forward to on Heart of Oak; the way they are able to create this magical medley of progressive black metal with crust punk riffs and thrashy breakdowns while using so many different vocal styles is just breathtaking to say the least.
I kid you not if you don’t go check out this album you are missing out. Easily, without a doubt, this is the hidden treasure of metal in the year 2013. I am in love and I fall in love over and over again every time I listen through.

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