Atmospheric Dub Techno Mix - Ambient and Chill 2

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As usual, let's guess what city is in the picture...or somebody tell me. I never know.

What's your favourite track quote from this video?
1). "For me sometimes the reflection is far more impressive than the thing being reflected"
2). "They don't own me you see" "They don't own you..." "That's the important thing-" "I know they don't ownnn you...I know they don't own you-" "Money is the cheapest thing...Freedom is the most expensive."

Tracklist (start times only):
00:00:00 Heavenchord - Reflection On The Past
00:06:11 Monout - Elevation
00:11:18 Purl - Montreal
00:17:06 Brickman - Reflections
00:25:20 Liquom - Sun Atmos
00:28:30 OSL - The Deepest
00:33:40 Jozef "Dubdeliquent" Nemček - The Middle
00:39:00 Gand - Chain Reaction
00:47:42 Remote_ - A-Tonal
00:56:54 Unauthorized Edition - 20141222 Expensive and Beautiful
01:04:21 Mike Dehnert - Limite (Sascha Rydell Remix)
01:09:31 Gand - Ghosts of Playland I
01:19:25 Phantom Network - Susukino (The 4th Dimension)
01:27:20 Textural Being - Snow On The Wayside

I do NOT own the picture used in this video and I do NOT own any of the tracks/songs used either. All rights, credit and ownership belong to the artists who created said material.
My channel was set up to promote music and art that is relatively unpopular, “underground” and/or unknown. Everything I upload is for fun and promotional purposes only. All tracks/songs used are listed in the descriptions of my videos.
Some pictures are not credited due to me not knowing who the rightful owner/artist is. If I have not credited the owner/artist of the picture and anybody knows who they are, please let me know so I can update the description.
That all said, if any artist, musician or owner would like me to remove their work that I have used, please let me know and I will do so as soon as possible.
Thanks for listening.

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