DREAMING COOPER - "Exploring The Universe" [ Altar Records ᴴᴰ ]

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ALL LINKS ► http://bnd.lc/DCEU
► https://dreamingcooper.bandcamp.com/album/exploring-the-universe

After the huge success of 'Mysterious Places' released day to day 3 years ago, Ukrainian Victor Khlyustov aka Dreaming Cooper is back with the eagerly awaited full-length album 'Exploring the Universe".

Each song on this opus comes from a pure psychedelic mastermind. Nothing feels forced, which makes for an extremely intelligent, high energy, yet emotional release.

This album is strong right out of the gate with the opening track, “Pilot”, which feels like an anthem written for a futuristic world. It is only one-upped by track after explosive track, starting with the second song, “Rising Up”, which feels like a callback to some of Dreaming Cooper's early work.

We hope you'll enjoy this milestone in Altar's history.

W&P by Victor Khlyustov, Ukraine
♪♫ soundcloud.com/dreamingcooper
♪♫ www.facebook.com/dreamingcooper

Mastering by DJ Zen, Canada
► www.facebook.com/AltarRecords/
► www.altar-records.com

► http://bnd.lc/DCEU
👂 https://bit.ly/2WMQW4g
⛓ http://bnd.lc/DCEU
🏆 https://imgur.com/a/9EKLCOx

Offered in 24bits studio master only in bandcamp:

Uploaded in low quality (256k) Mp3 on Youtube for promotional purposes.

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