Types Of Fruit You NEVER Knew Existed

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There are apples and bananas, strawberries and oranges, and then there are types of fruit you couldn’t dream up in your wildest dreams. Here are 26 Types Of Fruit You Never Knew Existed.

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#10 - The Miracle Fruit
The interesting fruit pictured here is somewhat of a magician. If you eat the fruit by itself, it’s lackluster and not very interesting at all. However, if you combine this fruit or the juice of the fruit with a citrus juice, the entire concoction becomes sweet, along with everything you eat after, including lemons. The reason behind this “miracle” is the molecule in the fruit called miraculin which actually distorts the sweet taste buds on your tongue! How nuts!

#9 - Buddha’s Hand
The scary Halloween prop hands pictured here are actually a type of fruit that is related to lemons and oranges. The catch is that they are citrons, which means although they have a citrusy flavor, they lack any pulp whatsoever, which may have people cheering for joy. Since this fruit doesn’t have “flesh” to feast on, you’re stuck just using this to make zest for flavor or for making marmalades.

#8 - Jabuticaba
This grape looking fruit grow directly on the bark of the tree which is super strange in the world of fruit trees. When you crack one of these bad boys open, you get the same sort of translucent flesh that would with a regular grape. Also like grapes, the jabuticaba fruit is eaten raw and used in making jams, wines, and liqueurs. The reason you won’t find a basket of jabuticaba at your farmer’s market is because of the fruit’s super short shelf life making it so the fruit can only be sold near where it was grown.

#7 - The Sugar Apple
This picture shows the apple of a thousand names, well, it seems like. Although South Americans refer to this piece of fruit as a “sugar apple,” it goes by different names in other countries. This fruit’s outer shell may look like that of an artichoke, but the fruit inside is supposed to taste like a sweet custard. And it seems rather odd, but this fruit is commonly made into wine.

#6 - The Hala Fruit
You may want to “holla” after hearing the name of this exotic fruit, but once you learn how hard it is to get to the sweet seeds inside the pods, or “keys,” you’ll probably be singing a different tune. The fruit pictured here looks like a sun mated with a flower, and together they made a fruit. It looks absolutely beautiful, but a lot of people think that it isn’t worth the hassle and they use the “keys” to make lei wreaths instead.

#5 - Rambutan
The crazy looking fruit pictured here looks more like an anime character,rather than something that was edible. If you did find the courage to eat such a fruit as this, then you would be enjoying something that tastes a lot like a grape. Although it does look extremely rare and exotic, it is commonly found in Malaysia, Borneo, and Vietnam.

#4 - Physalis
Being a member of the Nightshade family, you might think that taking a bite out of the fruit in this picture would spell disaster, but it’s safe to eat this fruit, so don’t worry. It looks just like an orange cherry tomato, and it turns out that it tastes much like one too. It comes in strange little brown husks, but it acts just like a tomato, which isn’t a scary food product at all.

#3 - Red Fleshed Apples
From Apple Redlove comes the strange looking fruit you see in this picture. The company brags about being the only makers of the original “red fleshed” apple. You can see from this image that the inside of this apple is indeed red. Having apples on this list might seem rather bland, but we like the fact that they have a different colored inside than we are used to seeing. It’s cool.

#2 - The Purple Mangosteen
Just look at how interesting the fruit in this picture is! Its outer shell resembles that of a giant blueberry. However, inside, the sweet and sour flesh is more like what you would find in an orange. In 2007, it became legal to import them into the United States. When they were first introduced, they cost $45 - $60 a pound at specialty stores in New York. It is said that the only other place they are sold is in Florida. We wonder if they have broadened their horizons.

#1 - Durian
This fruit really does try to ward off predators, just look at its ugly appearance. Not only is it covered in spikes on the outside but this is supposed to be the smelliest fruit in the world. With a winning combination of onions and old gym socks, it’s a wonder that people even get close enough to this fruit to eat it. If you do somehow manage to get past the incredibly horrid stench, it apparently tastes like a heavenly custard. Go figure.

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